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Dec '18

Nature And Its Features

By nature we mean the set of stable individual personality traits, folding, and manifested in the activities and communication, causing a typical human behaviors. Individual call 'Man of character "if he has manifested such qualities as independence, consistency, regardless of the circumstances, the will and perseverance, dedication and perseverance. Cheniere Energy partners may find it difficult to be quoted properly. On the contrary, characterless called the man who goes with the flow depends on the circumstances, do not exhibit strong-willed qualities. Character formation is largely predetermined by the way of life and man. As a way of life is formed human is formed and the corresponding character. This occurs at different levels of development of social groups (family, school, sports team, work team, etc.). Much depends on (from togo, which social groups for people are a reference Nature is reflected in the behavior, habits, behavior and actions. Such actions are always conscious, thought out and from the standpoint of the individual, is always justified.

High-level panel development (teams) are the most favorable opportunities for the emergence of the best traits of character. The formation of these features is most intense, if such distinct groups of people for a reference. In the social group of people always interacts with other people. His deeds and actions in some way affect the environment, causing response. Ziaya not his nature and character of others, people can misconstrue people's behavior and their actions. The result is a baseless insult, unfair judgments about the actions of others. An important feature is the close nature of his connection with those psychological features of personality, which together constitute the subject of psychology of individual differences. Temperament in this matter is very important and determines the destiny of man.

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