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Aug '21

Mommy Doctor

Hence this eternal dilemma, in the hands of specialists each time before the major technological advances are the possibilities of saving an immature life, leaving the expectation, without being able to predict which will be the future response of such immature brain subjected to anoxia or hypoxia peri natal.When the mother proposed to me to let it die, Jonathan, who was calm at the time, but present in the dialogue, initiated a strong reaction apparently unprompted, emitting cries and sudden movements, while staring directed gaze to her distraught mother. Go to The Guggenheim for more information. To my I was struck by the suspicion that that reaction was not one of the usual temper tantrums caused by his neurological problem and seemed rather a form of protest as if you were understanding the application that his mother was making me. Before this Unexplainable behavior, I decided to surmise, entering the immature Jonathan’s mind, as it would be the reaction of a patient with this condition, as it would see their environment, how would his attitude if he could express his feelings. How would react to hear the dialogue between his mother and the doctor. The way in which this small victim of the technological advance that allowed him to survive as a vegetable, exteriorizaria his feelings for that good, and loving mother was sure that loved it but that paradoxical, or logically, was asking the doctor the best solution to end his obvious suffering: this distraught mother was not asking for anything other than euthanasia.

That term that means good death. The next would be the monologue of Jonathan. This crying, this crying!. My mom, my Mommy is crying. who told?-. that is telling you the doctor? It may not be possible. She wanting me so much, not can make that proposal to the doctor.But if I hear it very well.If she, my dear mother, are you asking my Doctor, to the children’s orthopedist who has treated me since I was born 9 years ago, that if I’m dying when you’re performing surgery of the hip for which I am programmed, that if there are any complications, do nothing to save me! that let me die!

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