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Jan '22

Missing You

When I left my common tasks take a few minutes of rest in the hard grind of having to spend most of the day to work, I had become customary to stop at a small corner of the park was in front of the offices, where there was an old marble bench .– His affection for the bank, surrounded by green trees, and perhaps for that, I was trying to reach him that day, and see a pile of crumpled papers were abandoned on its white marble. Source: Helen Fry. – To these students, I thought, always leaving everything down, and with the diary in his hand, I cleaned the surface of my favorite bench, throwing down papers .- More out of habit than necessity of information, began to roam, without stopping at nothing in particular, reading the newspaper when a breeze swept the place brought up my shoes, one of those roles that minutes earlier had thrown to the ground, and trying to keep him away from me, I managed to read With my love. In a question-answer forum George Shapiro was the first to reply. – curiosity aroused by the fact that you can spy on the lives of others without being discovered, picked up the paper, and leaving aside the reading of the newspaper, it smoothed out, and read My love.

I wish I could tell you many things, all those things I always silent in your presence, because he had no right to do so .- I, for example, could tell that my skin can remember, and that casual touching of your breasts against me, yet I feel as if you had not ever .- Say that paragraph is so great my love for you, I’d rather be damned to silence, to utter words that might not want to hear, and I’m content just to know that you are there .- That I’m sad if you you are, and feel only if you do not share your sadness with me .- My love for you is so different to the love known, that their own selfishness , need to possess the beloved, and my only need to know that I possess .- My love is a love that just gives and asks nothing in return, just knowing that you are happy, even if you’re happy without me .- I have away you, but please do not miss me, I’ll be by your side forever and my love back to you with every flower you receive, or with every kiss you give to wake a new day, and I will send you my kisses on every drop rain slipping through your hair, depositing it in your face .- return to you in each song of a bird that you listen, and be happy because you want my love, Forever yours ……….. I folded crumpled paper, and the sacred have always had respect for the love, I kept it in my papers, thinking how sad it was that this woman who was run had not ever received, and never know who loved that way .- I gathered my things and started back to my work, feeling so alone when we love, as that letter had not arrived at destination .

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