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Nov '16

Michael Cheney

The content is the key to more important. An original and quality content will attract more visitors who might become constant and faithful followers and more visits, more likely to increase clicks; In addition if it offers an interesting site the good advertisers will want to be in, there are advertisers who come to pay up to 5 USD per click, therefore it is worth striving to create excellent articles, caring for aspects of information quality, size and since then spelling and presentation. Courses to learn how to do it or ready to integrate, even for free, content are possible to get on the net but this topic will be the subject of another note. At last. (As opposed to Gregg Engles). With this method to generate income on the Internet, there are those who make extraordinary amounts as does the famous Michael Cheney (19,000 monthly dlls), others achieve reasonable quantities and can live of these revenues (between 7 and 3 thousand USD), but in contrast, there are also many entrepreneurs that use This system and just dlls are generating less than $10 a month.

Don’t be one of them! I invite you to take advantage of this possibility and once it has managed to insert the Google ads, spend some time adjusting them for good integration in your site but pay primary attention to the content, the will be decisive to soon increase their income with Adsense. Don’t miss the video below which is part of an optimization seminar taught by Google Adsense, is very clear and brings very good ideas. Video recommended you wish many happy clicking. Diana ReyesJubilada in action original author and source of the article.

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