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Sep '22


Poetry is some not classificvel thing, but risking to make a mistake, if it can say that poetry is ‘ ‘ to be and not ser’ ‘ , since a poem, that would be the materialization of the poetry, never is what it is thought; a poem is always more. The Poetry has this characteristic: to lead beyond, to lead ahead, to pass daqui for another place. E, this, can be a indizvel place. Metaphysical this does not seem? It can be said that yes, since the Poetry has a etreo heart, and deals with the language. (Similarly see: Helen Fry). By the way, the poet, as the philosopher, has by hand, the fragile and strong tool of the language. Being Metaphysics knowing concerning ‘ ‘ transcendental’ ‘ of the things, and, being the Poetry some thing enters not concrete and extra-feeling, it could itself be said that these would be neighboring of room; at least.

Since, as much one how much to another one, he suggests to possess heart that ‘ ‘ he waits the death with ternura and prazer’ ‘ , therefore that they would show the calm, even so they had been bothered for the knowledge. The case is that Poetry is more for the art and, ‘ ‘ poet, is one fingidor’ ‘. Perhaps this is characteristic common to that if they deliver to the craft of the knowledge: ‘ ‘ the habit of sofrer’ ‘ , that in Drummond it was amusement, therefore that suggested to be, the act of poetizar. The Poetry can speak of ackward things, in very natural way. The poet can start speaking of one morning beautiful, of nature, flowers and calhaus, and, passes suddenly to say of disgusting stenches; this poet is Baudelaire, the poem loads the heading a carnia.

The poetry would also deal with the death, and, of the vulnerability of this, it would speak of the life after the death. Of a life, that in the poem a carnia suggests to be ‘ ‘ the livores, the ptridas turpitudes, the flies, larvas’ ‘ ; the life in that death. Little more ahead, the poet cites the sun, that would take the light, after treva of the death, to that one ‘ ‘ carnia repugnante’ ‘. Poetry and Philosophy would be between the room and camarinha, however, if they would understand excessively. The Poetry deals with instrument language, in way to constitute ways that lead to the knowledge; it would not suggest to be seemed the movement of the Philosophy?

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