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Apr '20

Media Interview

Takahashi, Luciano della Rosa and the music project to hear special case are the stars & stories talk on radio VHR in the latest issue of the “stars & stories” with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR this week in the interview Regina. Regina Thoss, an attractive woman with charm and wit is an excellent singer and entertainer. Therefore, she can again show their great skills on cruise travel ships. She interpreted songs full of emotions that she can identify with, so sensitively that the Sparks over directly to the listener. While she has retained a youthful lightness, which goes directly to the heart. Regina Thoss is vitality, joy of the live singing and at the show. A “heart-to heart feeling” with the audience is paramount for them.

Her warmth, her charm and her unique warm voice have the singer, recorded more than 200 songs published, made to the star. On her new album, “Living with you” Regina Thoss range again shows their Skills. With their brand new songs she has next to soulful love songs, including the title song “Live with you” or the song interpreted with a twinkle in his eye “you’re PLUS and sometimes MINUS” opted also for the socially critical title “Mexico City” attacked from the life. But also their great hits such as “Love is a house”, “Blue Bayou” or “The first night on the sea”, which still today are rooted in the hearts of their fans, appear on this album in a new guise. It was a particular concern for them, great songs, like “Came on the day when the rain” and “Hooray, we’re still alive”, to interpret their uniquely expressive way. Four successful titles of in recent years enrich this pleasant, varied album that makes just curious exactly these very different reasons as “Special mixes by Danny top”! A little Italy in the middle of Hamburg: The screwdrivers garage by Luciano Favaron alias Luciano della Rosa looks like rather a Venetian espresso bar as a meticulously sorted German Car workshop.

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