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Sep '19

Matthias Merdan

The female individual is the viewer in all its emotional depth front led, even sad, even horny. Phallic symbols appear always the most gloomy held scenarios marginalized as hints on possible (sexual) male power claims in this woman’s world. The female principle appears all-encompassing here: good and evil, power and powerlessness, innocence and depravity can transport the female characters of Sonja tines. The works of graphic artist and painter Holger Friedrich appear like the endless celebration of a contrary reality. His imagery lined object to object and confront the viewer with a wild objectivity that seems to go beyond the boundaries of the image often enough. Human basic topics such as sexuality, fear, danger and seduction are cast in new experimental forms of expression; Classic Hierarchies are only shown in this huge picture stories even more violent then deconstructed to be. The acrylic paintings of by Swiss artist Matthias Merdan situate modern topics in non-objective worlds, which are always characterized by an abstract spatiality and clear language of form. The basic tone of his works is cool; the always grey white design mixes an economical black.

Thematically, circling his imagery to the irrationality of biographies, to the success or failure of human action spaces and thus span the whole range of human emotions. The choice of material of this exceptional artist, involving a wide range of materials (aluminium, bitumen, acrylic and fiberglass) in the process of artistic creation is unique. On the skilful game with colours, the main focus is the imagery of Marita Wiemers. All their designs are purely follows and repeatedly defy the dictates of the figurative. It is always a technical hand, which here is creating active and with a high degree of expressivity and joy of playing feels to the depths of colours and structures. So, Marita Wiemers achieved an impressive Championship in dealing with the linocut and the spatula technique.

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