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Sep '15

Magic Fire

In the text of Rockets of kings, as well as in several other texts of the band, the thematic ones turn around these facts: the Brazilian sociocultural reality. The PCNs asks for that to the subject ‘ ‘ plurality cultural’ ‘ either treated and argued in classroom. the use of the Twine Literature is a real, true and current form to show to the young the different realities of our Country. Still more that the presented workmanship is available gratuitously, in some sites, for download of the stretch of the opening of the Games Pan-Americans River 2007. To hear, to read and to visualize the representation reached for the group Twine of the Magic Fire stimulate the pride of a people, so devoid of reasons to feel people. Thus the PCN (p. 75) guide, Are art forms that express the identity of a social group and they are not nor more nor less artistic of what the workmanships produced for the great masters of the humanity. the Twine Literature can be a stimulant, a starter of the reading habit, for having a musicada, easy language to understand, with the language next to popularly used and with thematic daily and real.

Conclusion As well as defends Marli Oliveira De Campos, the learning can be facilitated by a music, so present in our culture. We present a form here to join music afro-Brazilian, to the poetry of the Twine Literature, using the projection of the group Twine of the Magic Fire in the opening of an event with continental visibility. Fields remember that, History can be taught by means of distinct languages, photos, cinema, clothes, science, and that to use these resources are an efficient and interesting way to give meant to the contents that they need to be taught. It was intended, in such a way, to show didactically not only to the social reality northeastern, but also our culture, our literary production, our dances and our religiosidade. To show that who we are is worthy of pride and we need valuing in them, in first place.

It is important to show the man as transforming agent, as ‘ ‘ saint that has callus in mos’ ‘ , as it says the studied workmanship. These ‘ ‘ calos’ ‘ they are for the work, but they can be for the fights, the wars, the causes that differentiate the man of the remain of the animal world: the conscience of itself and the way where it lives.

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