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Jul '14

Love More

They had sat down it table. They had asked for any food alone to get rid itself of the inconvenient waiter. One of them thought I must have brought flowers, it adores flowers, must be thinking that I do not love it because I forgot the cursed flowers. to another one thought I had to have marked in a place more I summon. Finally, after interminable seconds in I silence one of them spoke:To more is the end of our relation. We cannot more be together. _Eu I find that if we love in them we must continue together.

We must try of new. vai to finish with our friendship. I know is therefore that we cannot more be together. This is so unjust. They had remained been silent thus until the end of the supper. One of them if raises. they Was nothing, while its heart to belong, you belong and me to me, my life. You do not understand. If you do not knead me more I you would allow that you were even so without problems, but this is not the case. if love I you and you love me we you go to be together until the end. I prefer that our love if becomes hatred of what having to forget knowing that you that you love still me and that we still perhaps let us have a possibility. We go to be together until the end. Nor that one day I hate as much to you that desires its death. We go to live each as that he remains of our love as if finishes was it, because perhaps he is. I know that the love is dying and you also know, then we I only go to use to advantage and to live, and when you to be brave with me and to think about starting one fight against me, you go to think: ‘ ‘ that sad, he is only plus a signal of that the end of our love if approximate’ ‘ , and then we do not go to fight, you we go to feel a light sadness for the imminent end of the love, he goes to be thankful for it to be alive today, and goes to still live this day with a bigger intensity, perhaps therefore tomorrow he does not exist. had thus come back toward house. The two loving together ones. To the twin times two souls fight. To the times the love Adoree.

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