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Feb '22

Literature In The Network Literature

Increasing importance of the Internet for authors in the literature has won the Internet more and more important. If no one reads all the novels on the screen, so the network is still perhaps the most important place has become, to obtain information about literature. Competition events, literary news and book reviews the reader will find on many sites on the Internet. But also poems and stories to be discovered in the virtual space – important here is mainly the editorially-led sites to which there is a selection similar to a real publication. Countless open forums provide a testing ground for beginners and amateur authors. Free Literature portals now has made a dozen free literary projects in the network a name. No one louder, the title of the magazine or shop poets often offer selected articles by distinguished authors.

Time and again the road leads here from the website for publication. Then bring out a load of poets literary magazine, which may poet, and has founded a publishing house. This gives the freedom to literary Network projects in many cases taken over the promotion of young literature and reported very good growth of readers. Institutions in the network is astonishing about all this is that just play the famous literary institutions, like many houses of literature, a modest role in the Internet. If you look at Alexa by – here is a ranking of the pages published by visitors – you realize that the very many institutional sites are visited more regularly. Of course there are exceptions – from the Goethe-Institut to the literature houses in Vienna and Salzburg.

Audience – a lot or little? There are a number of reasons for the different uses of institutional and free websites. In the poet-column loading "before reading any audience. The importance of institutional literature pages "it addresses. So many institutional sites content only with a self-presentation, without providing the surfer actually present content. The communication between surfer and site operators will be less intense than that of many free projects that are sometimes even led by authors. wish to be greater cooperation between institutions and independent project – to the benefit of readers and for the benefit of the authors.

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