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Feb '22

Life in Paris

We live in pairs, and that means for many, share the tastes, interests, cymbals, time, work, home, money, friends, entertainment, extended families. And there are many more! Yes we are demanding … In this way, partner relationships become even more complex and difficult to understand, and very tiring to be lived every day. We started then, and not seeing our partner as the object of love that complements us, we are encouraged, with whom express our ideas and define our positions of life. No human relationship, much less the couple, is exempt from conflict.

Any conflict leads to growth and the possibility of settlement. But here there is another ingredient that destroys our most precious merger, we associate the word conflict and its meaning is problematic, what is not right, what does not work. Conflict is inherent to human life, and therefore, everything that relates to it, too. When this part of our emotional life is not understood from the desired reality, games begin within couples who are confused with love and life partner. Frustration desgatamos send us wanting to force compliance, but also that our partners meet us. You do not love the couple, depend on it, we want that the link is established as we require if we are not able to ask, because we demand. And why not. It is our partner!. More info: Barry Stevens. The games in relationships are endless and of course, that both partners work together to make it happen: THE INTERROGATION: Where did you go with who you were, what time you arrived, what did he say?.

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