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Feb '16

Latin American

As they are its personal priorities and managemental for the 2010. Julio Andres lzate the beginning of a new year is always a time propitious in order to do balance of executed and the reached thing in the previous year and to project, to glide and/or to validate the plans in course, for the year that begins. It is also a time to ask itself as they are his priorities at personal level and at managemental level. It makes a time and the reflection is absolutely effective I read the sounding that realised in the electronic vestibule of one of main newspapers of economy and businesses of Latin America, about what it is the personal priority for the new year. The results surprised much to me: the 58,1% want to improve their personal gains, the 11,4% to buy new house, 10,5% to become independent labor, 9,9% to put itself in form, 6,3% to make a postgraduate and 3,8% make a trip special. It astonishes that not even the lowest percentage has been mentioned the referring thing to the being and the feeling. It would be possible to be affirmed that for a segment of the Latin American industralists and executives (if we assumed that the navigators of the mentioned vestibule they represent a sample of this segment), their priorities are focused in having and to do. They are many and crescents the voices authorized on the matter of the competitions essential in the enterprise context, which aim at intelligence spiritual and emotional. But How to hope that they occur in the enterprise scope if they do not occur first in the personal plane of lead those who it? The paradoxical thing is that to be better preparations doing and having, are vital and high-priority that we watch within we ourself: in the half-full one in which we work the being and the feeling, more we will be arranged to the learning, and we will establish better relations with our work party, through networks of effective conversations that they approach to us with meaning common the shared vision (alignment) and the collective leadership (decentralization). At Carrier you will find additional information.

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