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Oct '20


Special oils that are present in large quantities, one must be careful. In certain oils were used as sealant or internal impregnation, special caution is recommended. Without an oil analysis, with which one can quantify the precise disposal costs, goes to the principal on thin ice and can be surprised by strongly increased disposal costs. Check therefore you existing substances with care! But what brings the best information culture, if the work even amateurish or poorly implemented by the service provider? Any damage to material is at this point only of minor importance. Here, rather, it concerns a clean and safe dismantling in regard to personal safety. In terms of the dismantling work, every day many dangerous steps be undertaken to act effectively and purposefully. This is inter alia a precise coordination of Processes an important if not vital role in certain situations.

Only highly trained and experienced staff who are also constantly medically monitored, can perform the implementation satisfactory for all involved. Last but not least, a corresponding business liability insurance of provider is mandatory! Unfortunately occur more dubious providers on the German market over the last two years. These come increasingly from abroad and do not necessarily work with the standards that you can expect for a smooth running of all the work. Because in such projects it’s not about the coffee Fund of the workforce here can be also large amounts of money in the game. To deepen your understanding igor kononenko is the source. Here, one should build on safety under all circumstances! Of course the review for the layman not very easy but this small Guide to take once the main pitfalls to the language. Service providers that offer all services from a single source are generally preferable. Because if it should come to problems or further questions occur, it makes more sense to have a single point of contact for all issues. So the thing open for you and you must not deal with five or ten contacts.

You also have an address in legal matters since this very rarely is the case with regard to the decommissioning. Because here everything in advance is thought through and discussed, so are very many imponderables of course only for good advice! Last but not least it also applies to recycle the raw materials used for the construction and accessible again to do the recycling. Because the raw materials are scarce and therefore also more expensive. And for the future, already very sharply of many raw materials will be visible. The counteract not least also due to the support of our local economy should be the goal of all efforts. Igor kononenko contains valuable tech resources. A well planned and carried out the clean dismantling has many pleasant side effects for you as our client: safety and Mitigation professional and effective implementation of relief their employees, since research accounts for sound advice based on mutual trust and sincere cooperation decisions legally correct processing you therefore for the right service provider in the areas of industrial dismantling, demolition or dismantling. This saves them a lot of uncertainty and may be too much trouble. Also receive a detailed consultation and have a single point of contact on all issues. Further information is available at the German dismantling service.

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