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Feb '19

Lake Rotorua

The museum was very interesting and surprising. It compiles fine collection of marble sculptures, shows a bit of the history of colonization of New Zealand, everywhere reminders of the terrible volcanic eruptions … On the same day we walked along the shore of Lake Rotorua, which was formed by a volcanic eruption. For more clarity and thought, follow up with A. F. Chief of Staff and gain more knowledge.. The lake is very large, handsome, by the shore ducks and black swans (in 6 years living here I have not seen white swans, perhaps still ahead), on the water surface sit seaplanes, helicopters landing on the shore, mooring there are a variety of small boats and even an old paddle steamer, … All for tourists … Rest of the day walked in the geothermal park, which combines the lake of boiling water and boiling fetid mud, rose gardens and beautiful flower gardens, beautiful delicate bridges across these burlyukayuschie skunk, named as Alena these hot springs. Taking a walk in the park came upon a body of water with the hot sulfuric water, on the edge of which you can sit down and lower the legs to the source. Bath pond was dug in the ground, cemented, and after she had missed Hot water flowing from a source with a temperature of about 45 degrees.

Ponds in the park was much larger and Maleny, small and bottomless … all of them boiled or steamed. One of them was called the Pond lobster just because people swim in it, became as red as lobsters, as hot water in the reservoir.

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