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Mar '16


There once was a magnanimous King who had three sons, and I wanted to choose one to be his universal heir. It was very difficult, given that all three were very intelligent and courageous, qualities needed to be Regents. However, this King thought that other values were essential to legislate his Kingdom. Since he had no way to decide properly, because they were triplets, asked a great sage, and he suggested an idea. For even more analysis, hear from Gregg Engles. The King returned home, reflected and met her three children. Gave each a bag of seeds and told them that he was going to a pilgrimage to find the meaning of his reign. Will take me a while back, maybe one or two years, and even more, and this is a kind of test for you. You’ll have to give me these seeds when you return.

Who better to protect them will become my heir. Having said that, the King departed for an unknown destination. The first child wondered: what should I do with these seeds? and it saved them in an iron safe, because returning his father should return them as he had received them and should not nor could disobey his orders. The second son thought: if I keep them as did my brother, will die. And a dead seed is not a seed. So you went to the market, sold the seeds and saved money. And it was said: when my father comes back I will go to the market, buy new seeds and will return you some seeds best that which gave me that so my father will realize that I have learnt to be very clever and with few resources I’ve managed to get some better. The third son thought: if I keep them so that they conserve if it does not give them the light of the Sun will die, if the buy will get a few coins even though they will not be the same seeds; If I carry them instead.

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