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Feb '19

Kinesio Tape

The first, having thoroughly clean and dry the area of application, free from creams or chemical products. The second, the care given to the bandage, trying not to rub their ends to clothe us, drying after shower with a touch of dryer, eight techniques of bandage the Kinesio Tape is applied in eight different ways: 1. Muscular: looking for toning or relaxing a muscle in particular. 2 Ligamento-tendon: adding a complement of support to the own pressure exerted by the tendon or ligament. 3 Correction articulate functional: bringing a plus of stability and functional efficiency to the joint.

4. Mechanical correction: correcting the mechanical positioning of a joint or bone segment. 5 Fascial: relaxing a fascia with excess tension or tightening in favor of their movement, in order to facilitate it. 6. Increase of space: as a method of pressure local areas of pain relief. 7 Lymphatic: influencing the lymphatic circulation in the form of drainage. 8 Segmental: effect neurorreflejo in the treatment of digestive, intestinal and menstrual problems, respiratory, five physiological effects 1. Analgesic: causing the local decrease of pain.

2 Support to articulate: correcting the positioning articulating and facilitating its mechanics. 3. Proprioception: influencing the mechanoreceptors joint, in order to obtain more information about their positioning and kinematics (how moving the articulation). 4. Blood and lymphatic circulation: stimulating both. 5 Neurorreflejo: acting directly on the nervous system through existing neurological communication between skin, muscle, bone, and viscera. And the colors of the Kinesio Tape do influence? The bands themselves are completely equal, regardless of color. Now well, must be in mind the color of the band according to the result we want to achieve and the principles of Chromotherapy. Warm colors, such as red, will cause the increase in temperature in the area where they are applied, while cold foods like blue, scattered. For example, in the case of tendinitis or any inflammatory process, we recommend the use of cool colors. In an overload or a circulatory deficit, interested in heat, so we will use warm colors. Conclusion I must insist on the fact that, like any discipline or therapy, Kinesio Tape does not make miracles. Now, I believe have found a potent tool, mainly by:-its entirety regarding the treatment of such different types of problems. -Its easy implementation and maintenance. -Its effects 24 hours. It gives me the possibility of ensuring continuity in my work. It is as if the patient will take training, stretch or massage at home. -Above all, their convergence philosophical with the type of work I do, always acting in favour of the motion, never by restricting it. Do you have any more questions? I hope to have answered most of them. I don’t want to forget my thanks to Txema Aguirre. He has given us an excellent training. Little by little I will be including more information on specific applications of Kinesio Tape. Author original and source of the article

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