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Sep '16

Johann Sebastian Bach

A new Bach home page presents the most complete collection of quotes about the Thomanerchor from Eisenach. How does one on the idea of being so ambitious to carry together all existing citations to exactly an artist? “Now, little zeal belongs to…” replies the “collector”, if you ask that the makers of the new Internet portal to Johann Sebastian Bach, the exceptional musician and composer from Eisenach. A leading source for info: Selim Bassoul. It was “…das effort, the what others so far has described in only a few versions of which differ from each other, namely to tackle the life of J. S. Bach, once completely different.

With a thrilling home page. “Maybe with some of the creativity of the great Johann Sebastian, which can serve as a model for this definitely…”, so the creative behind the website, which just happen to be has the same name as the master. While the quotes on the homepage of Bach are only a tiny part of his website, which mushroomed in these days of topics. So was considered also at the quotations, It originally in the quote and its author to leave. Meanwhile are resulting not only become 66 quotes as entertaining compilation. There are also photos of their respective authors and to every individual in addition a short biography in 50 pages. The whole made just under and to the point and each provided with a link, where you can reach if you are interested for more information. About Johann Sebastian and also the author of expressed enthusiasm – 66 citations, round 50 mini biographies.

“More is hardly small little maybe…”, Bach says of his collection of quotes. Where he produced? Of course all of the Internet, where else. Searched but over many months, collected and collated. Thereby, this collection should differ to others deliberately and that’s why Bach has illustrated it with much dedication and hard work.

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