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Mar '20

Job Interview

In the modern world in order to get a prestigious job, a good knowledge of English is not just welcome, but is an essential requirement. And more and more companies conduct interviews with candidates for the vacant position in English. How to prepare for the interview? What might ask and what should you ask? What is a must-tell, and what to keep silent? Let's try to understand what is necessary to pay attention to especially when preparing for the interview. Do not underestimate the interview, but the panic in this situation is impossible. For the employer, the interview – an opportunity to assess your communication skills, the degree of language skills and your personality. For you the same – it's a chance to show their best side to claim their benefits over other candidates. Do not think that topics Me and my family and My plans for the future will enough. Be prepared for a dialogue with someone, consider what would you say this or that question, consider that you could ask in response.

Many staff members coming to get a job in my company, often asked whether they would write the test in English to test their knowledge. In order to determine your level of language interviewer need only a few minutes of dialogue. Typically, the person conducting the interview, limited in time and spends several interviews a day. Therefore, one of the tasks facing you – remembered by the employer, stand out from the queue of applicants have already had an interview before you and those who come after.

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