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Feb '22

Intelligent Eye Sensor

If metaphorically compare management system Daikin (and they are quite highly organized to deserved) with analogs of the human body, we find an elegant miniature in the style of martial arts. pam system are assigned the role of a trained body, ready to indefinitely remain in a state maximum concentration of forces. mio control the function of the nervous system with an improved response, allowing the movement to bring the defensive (blocks) to the automaticity level reflex. Brain of the system as standard equipment (and I this fighter he is always free from mortal to make policy decisions) – it's the user, communicates with the system through the infrared remote control. If you are willing to entrust and this feature automation system easily turns into an intellectual, connecting (as well as Hi VRV) via PC-Card and a computer controller D-BACS to a central console building management system (BMS). As one Sensei, not relinquish my soul, and, if necessary, leave her with me. Improving, managing Super Multi Plus entail improvements in other units of the system.

Thanks to the electronic control valves splitter block bp, it became possible to lengthen pipelines up to 115 m in total and up to 30m vertically. Themselves Branch Provider – modules helped to reduce noise of the outdoor unit to 50dB and inland up to 26 dB (check – it's very quiet!). Speaking of the internal units, particularly just want to celebrate their diversity. Limited only by their total capacity (no more than 18.9 kW), you can choose any of 6 types and 21 models, Split or Sky (as mentioned earlier, the configuration of the system may be present from 2 to 7-blocks). And if the design blocks Sky does not play a special role because they are masked behind a false ceiling and other elements of decor, wall and floor and ceiling modules Split look more modern and stylish than the operating similar tasks blocks vrv.

The modern design of indoor units of Super Multi Plus adds a number of technical innovations. If you need to quickly warm up (cool) room, the regime Powerful Mode, is able to 'inflate' power conditioners up to 110%. Comfort sleep mode Good Sleep at night creates a temperature fluctuation, beneficial influence on sleep. Motion Sensor Intelligent Eye captures the presence of people in a room and includes a power saving mode if 'Try not to anyone. " In this case, 'intelligent eye' to help save his owner 20% of energy consumption in cooling mode and 30% – in the heating mode. Add to this the others 'points of economy' – the new engine to minimize the external blocks in the transportation, the installation – it turns out not so bad, but very even and very If one of the most important selection criteria is cost – it shows maturity and market saturation. Market climate control systems in Ukraine are now quite close to this – innovation instantly copied to competitors, and consumers slowly begins to count kilowatt-hours and cost recovery systems for years. Surfaced in 2001, a new offer from Daikin's current situation is the best suited to customer needs. In this case, the ideologists of the company are also satisfied: the mosaic model line is inserted at last the last puzzle – the system of Super Multi Plus. As they say in Japan, she has her own way.

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