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Apr '13

Hotel Vita Manor (Feodosia Crimea )

We invite you to a cozy hotel 'Mansion Vita ", located in the resort town of Feodosia, Crimea in the south. In our hotel you can spend your vacation with comfort in rooms of luxury and economy. The Black Sea is three minutes – only a hundred meters away from Villas Vita. The rooms are air-conditioned, has all the amenities, television, and from the stunning views of the mountains and the sea. You can order meals themselves cook on a comfortable summer kitchen, if you wish. For many years in our hotel to rest a great singer Hope Obukhov, in whose honor and named the street where we are. In honor of this beautiful woman, we equipped music room and often spend singing and poetry readings, plays the piano, or simply conducting a pleasant conversation over coffee. Theodosius the years has attracted poets, writers and artists.

Here rested and Pushkin wrote, Aivazovsky, Green. Walking along the waterfront and streets of our city, you can feel the wonderful atmosphere, typical of the ancient city of Feodosia. Once it was a settlement of the ancient Greeks, and then was conquered by the Genoese, and was named Kafoy. Today, the city has preserved the memory of many generations in the walls of the fortress, and in the air each year attracts numerous tourists. In Feodosia you spend a great your vacation. Be able to participate in a variety of trips and excursions to the Black Sea and around the Crimean peninsula, visiting clubs, cafes and restaurants, windsurfing, fly on a parachute, and just a feeling, and really relax in this wonderful city. Every evening you will return after a day full of impressions, the hotel Vita Manor, as his home. After all, we have waiting for you cozy and comfortable stay, reasonable prices and wonderful service.

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