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Apr '20

Gift Certificate Give

The training voucher you know a dog, raising top dog school – the slightly different gift idea for Christmas – needed? This dog lives in your family circle? This dog lives in your family circle? This dog lives in your circle of friends? Looking for an unusual, but useful gift? The dog trainers known from television and press the top dog school, offer a training course for this dog! How does it work? Depositing the amount for the training and we’ll send your personal gift for the dog/dog owners by mail. The following services are included with this coupon: analysis of the situation with you and the dog owner by phone needs with the dog owner by phone personal appointment with the dog 3 hours training program (Hundecoaching) success control telephone hotline for questions and assistance arrival and departure to the dog – nationwide inclusion in the electronic mailing list, which the training is top dog school for our popular newsletter tip of the month not to any place in a large group instead, but at home the recipient dog owners – nationwide! Which or the recipient pays nothing to do this! Enjoy also a well-behaved dog at your next visit. No jumping to more to call no unnecessary barking, no pulling and tugging on the leash to just a few examples. You may find Digital Cameras to be a useful source of information. The coach of each course can enter one to one increasingly popular in dog schools and Club seats not always on the individual problems of the dogs and the special needs of their owners. This the personal HundeCoaches fill gap nationwide in Germany, in Austria and the Switzerland\”the top dog school, dog and man in personal terms dealing with that. Just more comfortable and better understood, some dog owners feel at a private meeting of the House, others see these hours as a valuable complement to the individual. Michael Steinhardt is open to suggestions.

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