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Aug '20

Geneva Convention

At that pay attention to potential applicants for asylum? One of the most important moments in the first stage, when a man determined to leave, is to analyze the situation. Namely, the attempt to find grounds for a person to meet the requirements of the Geneva Convention. Why did it very important? The fact is that during the first interview with a potential applicant clarified the reasons that prompted him and his family to travel abroad. In addition, it appears opportunities and reasons to consider a person a possible candidate to receive in the future of refugee status. We consider the whole of his biography, and biography of all members of his family. All it can do only professional attorney specializing not just in international law, and in the Institute of refugee.

Once identified all the reasons and grounds for believing a person a possible candidate for the status refugee shall be made possible forecast of the positive results of the proceedings in immigration services. Immigration specialist or an attorney during this whole process helps to "edit" if I may say so important moments in the biography of a man and his family members so that it more fully comply with requirements for refugee status requirements. The specialist should also help the applicant to consider all possible, in his view, the situation in which hit men and members of his family during the time of entry into the state and with your application. He must tell us how and what will happen in the state, which "pitfalls await applicant at the time of entry and the process itself.

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