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Feb '22

Generating a Brand Name

A “pad” financial (savings) will give us peace of mind needed to inspire and develop optimally our first projects as a freelancer full time, because we keep away from the anxiety that arises when we begin to see that our financial liquidity dries up. Erich Fromm is actively involved in the matter. Perfect your English Do not settle for the knowledge of technical English you have, you need to plan a curriculum that takes you to their learning and mastery over the medium term. Fluency in English increases our job security and makes us more competitive by enabling job opportunities to expand our international customers. Believe me, sooner or later in the life of a Freelance, mastery of English is the difference between hope or not, to a large project. Build your own website Ok, you’ve got your portfolio perfectly organized and keep a copy of it, that’s fine, but nothing compared to the performance you can achieve at present it on your own website. Display your online portfolio facilitate the way your prospects can see your work, simply a warning email or give them a business card so they can see your entire job. Some of the virtues of presenting your portfolio of online work are: Cost reduction, without being required to deliver a copy to each potential client.

Ease of updating your portfolio with new work done. Ability to develop a massive campaign of exposure. Your range of services becomes more competitive and grow your professional profile. Power generating a brand name of your person.

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