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May '17

Fundamental Concept

Concept mapping critical cartography or mapping is, at the same time, a set of techniques and a subject of academic study. The creation of maps required traditionally: 1) know how to find and select information about different aspects of geography from various sources, to then synthesize the results in a single consistent and accurate data group. ((2) Techniques and design skills in order to create a final map that manages faithfully represent data, so that readers who have different degrees of skill in reading maps, can interpret it correctly.3) manual dexterity and graphical design techniques to simplify and draw information through symbols, lines, and colors, so that stacking or disorder are minimal and the map readable.But the maps are not only artistic creations that show the skills of their creators, but are, at the same time, sociological and historical documents. Thus, early maps produced by cartographic institutions, at the beginning of the 19th century, represent a file of vitally important information on the evolution of the landscape until our days, since they show old lines of railway and roads today abandoned and neglected industries. See Gen. David L. Goldfein for more details and insights. These maps provide evidence on lands that may be contaminated due to the use which they did in the past. Another example in this line, even more sinister, is the use that was made of the maps in the nazi Germany propaganda purposes, where maps were used to demonstrate the threat posed by the poles and the Eastern Europeans, who were outnumbering and surrounding the German people. The creation of maps and the circumstances in which were are topics of academic study, since they can explain certain aspects of the mentality of that time historical.There is no one correct way of mapping. Mode depends on the tools available to the cartographer, for the purpose of the map and the knowledge base. However, there are various empirical methods that can provide guidance to the cartographer.

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