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Jan '22

Four Points

When one travels, he likes to recommend to friends places, restaurants and hotels where he has spent it well. He is a question of buenismo, that would say the other: we keep the pleasurable moments in our memory and we tend to forget those most unpleasant. Storm Reid insists that this is the case. It is something very basic in psychology and that explains that people will remember with nostalgia College, the military and even stormy romantic relationships, although most of that past has been frankly distressing. All this came me to mind at the Four Points hotel, Montevideo, after a long afternoon of incidents, the last of which has been the emergence of the guest in the neighboring room through an interior door that communicated our two rooms. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA is likely to increase your knowledge. They already see what fragile is the guarantee of privacy in some sites. As a result of this event, I’ve revered other equally uncomfortable, of greater or lesser depth, which I have happened in the past.

Worse, does already a lot of years, occurred in the newly opened Hotel Gaia, Porto, where the recent whitewashing of the garage fell on my car and left him fact about foxes. The promise of be responsible for defect management remained in water of Borage and the joke cost me 100,000 pesetas of the then. The good thing about the case, I say, is that I had forgotten the matter which has reignited my memory to account of the damn unfortunate, rather incident of Montevideo. So fragile and selective is, therefore, our memory.

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