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Jan '22

Federal Public Administration

The Professional concept on watch of Race is applied to the personnel in positions managers and of confidence, whereas on watch the Civilian of Race is for the basic positions. This is similar to the arranged thing by the Law of the Professional Service of Race of the Federal Public Administration of Mexico, that is applied to directive positions and of confidence, and for the basic ones is applied the Federal Law of Bureaucratic Work. For the state scope of Sonant, in the Program indicated above one settles down that the System will depend on the holder of the Executive authority of the State and will be directed by the Secretariat of the General Contralora and that the operation will be in charge of each one of the dependencies of the central Public Administration through the constitution of a Technical Committee of Professionalisation. The governing principles of the System of the Professional Service of Race are: the legality, the efficiency, the objectivity, the quality, the impartiality, the fairness and the competition by merit (3). Against this background, for the operation of the System, the Secretariat of the General Contralora will lean in the following organs: the Consultative Council who are an instance of support of the secretariat, with the intention to make recommendations general, to think on the lineamientos, policies, strategies and attachment lines who assure and facilitate the development of the system. the Technical Committees of Professionalisation, that include the function of selection of personnel for directive positions, among others, acting like associated bodies, ordered to operate the system in the dependency who corresponds to them and with base in the standardisation that emits the mentioned secretariat for these effects. With respect to the organizations that comprise anticipated of the semi-official Public Administration in the Statutory law of the Executive authority of the State of Sonant, it is indicated in the Program that will be able to establish their own systems on watch professional of race being taken as it bases the principles of the referred professional service.

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