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Dec '21

Enjoy Your Shower

Thus, in many inner-city apartments a long bathtub does not exceed 150 cm, and really soak in it can only be those whose growth is not greater than 150-160 cm high as people are forced to sit in the water on the belt. But the shower is convenient for everyone – for small and for large ones. Of course, we can accept it and standing in the tub, but high skirting, splash, the risk of slipping etc. do this procedure is not as pleasant as we would like. Read additional details here: Jason Momoa. It is also important that the bath lead to greater consumption of water and really take the lion’s share of the area, turning the bathroom into a kind of even and beautiful, but cooler. Walk-in shower to release the bathroom a place for washing machine, water heater, etc. and arrange them just as you want, and not as removed.

The whole truth about the soul is worth recalling that showers can be a variety of devices and radically different from each other. The first came on the market structure with a tray and sliding walls – in a limited and virtually confined space they can take not only water treatments, but also create the effect of baths. If the pan deep enough – it can be used as a mini-bath. Design with rim and drain bridges, where to ensure the proper discharge of the floor was placed under a bias, traditionally more typical hotels or sports complexes. But in recent years have increasingly become used in private homes and cottages.

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