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Apr '16


For example, the area of window and door openings should be counted when calculating the amount of walls and partitions, and then use these data in determining the amount of finishing work. Building and construction works, the visual inspection after the completion of which is difficult or impossible (hidden works), subject to a separate aktirovaniyu. Acts of the hidden works comprise of: – the device foundations, pipelines, wells – drilling and piling – reinforcing concrete and masonry – and clamped sealing joints and seams – the device insulation, thermal insulation, vapor barrier – protection of steel structures and parts from corrosion – fire retardant treatment of wood and antiseptic compounds – the device ventilation and smoke channels and furrows – the preparation of surfaces for primer and waterproofing – unit basis, the underlying layers. Acts of the hidden works after their acceptance must be transmitted to the customer. In addition, at the time of the object contractor must deliver to the customer and certificates Passport to the materials and products, as well as built documentation. Lack of customer-built documentation and acts on the hidden work suggests that the work was carried out with violations of the design decisions.

In such cases, the volume of work performed are determined by the working drawings, if necessary, should be opening constructions and their subsequent recovery from of the contractor. These disorders are often allowed in the manufacture of earthen, roofing and finishing work, landscaping. During control measurements, if necessary (in order to obtain additional information) can also be used: – acts of acceptance of projects in operation – registers of the works; – Materials Engineering survey, geological and hydrological studies, and acts Journals instrumental measurements – built documentation – technical survey instruments reconstructed buildings – contracts for the supply of construction materials, equipment, and documents confirming execution of these contracts (transfer acts, bills, passports, equipment) – waybills vehicles and magazines work machines – accounting data about the cancellation of construction materials and products.

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