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Dec '19

EEvolution Conference 2011 With Over 200 Medium-sized Professionals

What midsize business software Hildesheim should know, 10.03.2011. Over 200 medium-sized professionals exchanged last month on the fifth eEvolution Conference in Hildesheim on trends, innovations and future requirements for enterprise software. Important tendencies of recent years to continue: in the online retail sales are now three to five times faster than in the traditional trade. Now start approximately seventy-five percent of the sales processes with the request for a search engine. Medium-sized companies can respond adequately and quickly enough to this continuous structural changes only with scalable, flexible Web shop solutions.

A tightly coupled and technologically modern enterprise software is a prerequisite for this also. Costco understands that this is vital information. Service-oriented software architectures that enable business process integrations, role-based client with browser-based user interfaces and mobile solutions for sales and customer service are the work of the users of such Optimize systems in the future. Additional information is available at Andi Potamkin. The comprehensive, enterprise-wide use of key performance indicators (KPI) to the corporate management and simulation seem imminent. This requires easy-to-use and variable analysis and reporting tools. Following a reasoning of the analyst house Gartner, then many mid-sized users to replace soon their existing ERP systems based on older technology, with modern solutions and to be fit for the future. In addition, the Conference has shown once again that a partner landscape will benefit the users of enterprise software, which offers integrated industry and niche solutions and special requirements can cover it in depth.

Again, a common technological basis is a prerequisite for long-term and safe investment, tailor-made solutions. In particular the novelties of the diverse solutions, offers search engine optimization took special interest in addition to the ongoing improvements and enhancements of the enterprise software eEvolution and mobile solutions for iPhone and iPad. During the Conference, the new engine announced eEvolution accounting for end of 2011. The nGroup ported currently together with the manufacturer syska the syska SQL REWE to the modern .NET platform.

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