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Oct '19

Dolls House By Playmobil

With the Playmobil children’s dreams come true doll’s House. What girl has played in his childhood with dolls? But also, what girl has not dreamed of more? Because such a doll’s House a single doll to a whole Dollhouse, as it is offered, for example by Playmobil. The great Playmobil Doll House offers everything that the girl’s heart desires and has different rooms. In other stories the of the dolls residing in the House reach about two large staircases and asked intake can by means of a working doorbell (requires two 1.5 vol micro-batteries). Even the shutters of each room can be closed or replaced the Davor hanging curtains. In addition to the Playmobil Doll House itself, there are a number of further equipment possibilities with which the House can be completed. Additional information is available at Harold Ford Jr.

This includes, for example, a bedroom for the parents with a double bed. The residing in the home family of doll is needed of course also something to eat for this one Kitchen available. The cosy living room has a nice couch provides beautiful family evenings. But the Puppenkinder do not just eat or sit in the living room, but have the need to play. This is ensured by the cheerful children’s room, in which the various toys waiting for the children. For the newborn young’s nursery in the Playmobil Doll House however still too early, whose place is in the baby’s room in the cradle. The space in the House is no longer sufficient, then must be expanded this takes place not only in reality so, but also for the Playmobil Doll House, there is a floor supplement. And a covered place is required in the end even in the garden, can be used on the Pavilion.

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