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Feb '20

Disease Prevention

Bad habits basis of any system of disease prevention are properly chosen diet, regular exercise and the ability to cope with stress. However, the condition is influenced by many other factors. For example, it is important not to smoke or at least restrict smoking, and alcohol consumed in moderate amounts. Need to protect yourself from direct sunlight (UV) rays, trying at the same time more to be on the air. Also, try to reduce the amount of toxins, allergens and pollutants in your home. Jack Fusco might disagree with that approach. And nicotine, and alcohol are addictive. Very quickly, the body begins to demand higher doses that may be detrimental to health. SMOKING.

The danger lies in an aggressive nicotine effects on the body of harmful tar and gaseous substances present in tobacco smoke. Even inhaling smoke from cigarettes or cigars that other people are smoking – passive smoking – a hazard, as large as direct smoking. Experience the following disease is directly linked to smoking: asthma, bronchitis and emphysema lungs. Oral cancer, lung and other forms of it. Pathological anxiety and depression. Deafness. Ulcerative colitis. Diseases of the arteries.

Osteoporosis. In addition, each cigarette you smoke, destroys 25 mg of vitamin C. There premature aging of the skin, wounds do not heal active or passive smoking during pregnancy may affect newborn weight. ALCOHOL. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in moderation amounts not harmful and may even salutary effect on cardiac output, since it increases high density lipoprotein (HDL). However: Drinking alcohol before do other activities requiring concentration, increases the risk of accidents. Abuse of alcohol can cause a condition pohmelya.Chrezmernoe amount of alcohol raises the first mood, and then acts as a depressant. Drinking violates normal sleep may cause high blood pressure, gastritis, liver damage and reduced function, as well as oral cancer and other alcohol can cause social problems, including violence. Drinking during pregnancy can harm the health of the fetus. Once in the body, alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. The liver gradually decomposes it into other matter and in the end it cleans the blood. The more you drink, the longer the liver has to remove alcohol from the bloodstream. To get rid of it, the body must expend an average of about an hour. Women are more prone to the ravages of alcohol, as their body absorbs it faster. If you want to give up bad habits: Weigh the pros and cons of this move. Find a harmless way to have fun and take stress. Accept the fact that you will need the support and search for it. What do you think: is it worth to be in the thrall of these bad habits?

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