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Feb '14


What are the differences of interests and values? What is their role in human activity? The concept of "interests" and "values" are very similar, not everyone sees what is their difference. Let us, in order: 1.Interesy – special conscious need to subject, a phenomenon which is of particular importance appeal. (Interest in art, music, etc.). At constant satisfaction of interests, they can escalate into something more. From this it follows that the interests are: Stable and unstable (temporary, disposable). 2.Tsennosti – the significance of certain objects, phenomena and processes. Values are divided into "spiritual" and "material", as we know such a thing as "Eternal values ". Values and the interests can be stable and permanent.

The concept of value interacts with the term motivation. It is worth noting in this context, these terms (interests, values) are not relevant to economic area. In my view, values are formed much earlier than interests. But in later life, they can be sharply at odds. We have the opportunity to develop interests and values have not only changed radically or with less force. Interests are able to replace or modify the value. But it's worth noting both that, and more – will not last forever.

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