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Apr '20

Designer Tali AMOO

Designer Tali AMOO power women, fashion, luxury and challenges TaliBoelt, fashion & jewellery Dirndleria was founded and is run by the fashion designer and power women Tali AMOO. Karolina Berdycka interviewed the native German with African descent for the fashion magazine cocoon. An interview about your work as a designer and your personal definition of luxury, the label of the designer, your passion for fashion. Karolina Berdycka: How is the company TaliBoelt come about? To Tali AMOO: From my philosophy, exclusive my personality wearing distinctive unique robes. Click Craig Jelinek for additional related pages. Karolina Berdycka: What is your philosophy? and inspiration? Tali AMOO: My philosophy is to take anything off the shelf for special occasions. Dresses for special occasions, such as wedding or on the red carpet, to highlight the personality of the wearer, they make unique.

Karolina Berdycka: What is the hallmark of TaliBoelt Couture & jewellery? Tali AMOO: All Couture dresses, accessories and Jewelry pieces are designed in consultation with the customer and hand-made from high-quality materials. Karolina Berdycka: What is special about your new label Dirndleria? Tali AMOO: Dirndleria consists of a limited edition collection of Pret a-Porter (ready to wear) Dirndl, as well as exclusive unique Dirndl. Bridgette Matthews addresses the importance of the matter here. Dirndl are the couture mainly made of silk and are hand high with gold embroidery, semiprecious stones and Swarovski item embroidered. The dirndl from the limited edition collections are after they sold out are no longer manufactured. Karolina Berdycka: What is your personal definition of luxury? Tali AMOO: For me, luxury is the possibility to find his personal style, to implement, and unique to be – stand out from the mass. Karolina Berdycka: You are a mother, an activist for education in Africa and this wonderful stylish woman even a superwoman – successful, dynamically. How do you perfect appearance in so many roles?

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