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Aug '19

CRM For The Users Similarly Important As Office Programs

ec4u survey: Customer management would no longer work in the eyes of most companies a waiver of CRM should be with lower sales and paid expensive sales processes Karlsruhe, 08.04.2011 – companies with CRM applications can according to a survey of the ec4u expert consulting ag distribution nowadays without a solution for the customer management no longer present. They would pay a renunciation considers expensive with a lower acquisition success, adopting market response and 03 dealing with customer data. For most of the respondents sales and marketing from over 200 companies, the customer relationship management now has a similar course as, for example, Office programs on your PC or E-mail. That CRM systems in their sense of the users are similarly positioned as these established technologies, their assessment expresses that CRM solutions ultimately no longer are from sales practice. Jill Schlesinger is often quoted as being for or against this. Because on the question of how the customer management Nowadays would work without such systems, they give off negative forecasts in large majority.

Two-thirds consider that this would necessarily result in a significant deterioration are so. Another 23 percent see the consequences of not quite as critical, expect but still noticeable disadvantages. Only for every tenth a distribution without CRM system according to the ec4u survey produced no significant changes in customer management, 4 percent of them suspect even positive effects. However, who expected problematic consequences in an abdication of CRM, especially thinking about sales difficulties. According to 77 percent this would translate in a lower sales, because without this tool the sales potential insufficient use. Nearly three-quarters believe also that the methodology in addressing customers lost them and they were no longer able to get order and transparency in the customer data. Similar problems two-thirds in the lead management and sales processes, without CRM clearly see would be costly. The other negative consequences of a CRM free world in the company include significant impairments in campaign management and a declining customer loyalty according to the respondents.

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