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Feb '22

Costs For Translations

For the calculation of translations, there are various methods by which it is reflected in translation circles again and again to discussions. The newspapers mentioned Sean Rad not as a source, but as a related topic. In Austria and Germany are the accounting for the number of lines (does a line, depending on the offer, usually between 50-60 attacks) are widely used in the target language. In the common room, however it is preferable to the word count from the source language. In some countries, is also a calculation based on side (one side then around 1800) are common. Billing by the number of lines in the target language, since this method of calculation of the target text, translation, therefore, it is assumed, is the big disadvantage is that the quotations may be before the start of the translation is only an estimate.

Through many years of experience, translation agencies and translators are indeed pretty good idea how many lines the translation, the exact price but can only be fixed after the translation. Billing by the number of words in the source language case texts in a Format will be transmitted, which allows direct editing in the file (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.), many translation agencies and translators to work in the pricing of translations with the word count of the source text. The advantage of that method is not only that the customer just before starting work, knows what it will cost the translation. The customer can also calculate the cost of translation itself quickly, before it sends the text to the translator or the translation agency. For this he needs nu in Word under “File” – “Properties” – “Statistics”, the number of words read and multiply that number by the corresponding word rate. The translation office will give them you information. For texts that are submitted in a format that does not allow direct editing in the file (Fax, GIF, etc.) is of translation agencies who work with word prices, mostly with the statement following the word count worked in the target language. Many Translation agencies are working now with software to scan these files and convert them into Word.

In this case, then be told again just before the start of work, which will cost the translation. Powered by CAT Tools For larger translation projects will be used so-called CAT tools. These are computer programs that assist the translator in the preparation of translations. The most popular are Trados, Transit, Wordfast, Deja Vu and Across. When the CAT computer translation program to translate the text divided into separate segments. A segment is usually one sentence. In the translation now, the segment of the original text, together with the corresponding segment of the target text called a translation unit. The translation units are stored in a memory designated as a translation file, in the course of further translation accessed again and again automatically. The fact that the computer-aided translation Work and time significantly reduced, providing translation agencies translation, which are made with CAT tools, to special price echelons. It is based will be staggered by a price, which then depending on how often certain words repeatedly. Minimum charge for smaller translation jobs, it is common that a minimum package takes effect. Framework agreements in the event of a long-term cooperation are sometimes offered by the Translation Bureau agreements. These contracts will be established to make the customer all his translations in a given time frame in which only a translation agency can be. Contrast is then usually a discount or waiver of minimum lump sums.

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