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Oct '21

Content And Communication

The political leadership knows that it is free for example, prohibiting night football games or transmissions of the same in "peak times." More with appropriate teaching, can contribute to increasing numbers of people aware of the paradigm shift that loom over their respective stocks. Content as of this communication, aspire to do if only a tiny contribution to that purpose. As a guide only, we believe that the invitations to join business and community, would be high impact for the purpose proposed here, to be used free spaces available in any radio or air broadcaster, the Federal Broadcasting Committee. The contents could be provided jointly by the Federal Council on Culture and Education and the Federal Council on the Environment, for that way the advice or suggestions or best practices in energy rationing, further processed as content reinforcement in some forty thousand schools that make up the Argentine education system: The minimization of the consumption of hydrocarbons in internal combustion engines, or the use of appliances, must be accompanied, as it involves reducing the consumption of raw materials in progress exhaustion, the development of plastics. The plastics replaced glass containers and paper, and should be used for the manufacture of utensils in which they actually have advantages apparent. Indesglosable watch the creep or flow of life, we pass seamlessly to another which is the macro level of economic conversion. At first we had heavy use the notion of "reconversion" if Amply dimension encompassing, but it occurs to us, even the combined complexities add to the remaining stages of economic activity which are, according to classical political economy: the circulation, distribution and consumption. .

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