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May '19

Conklin People

Robert Conklin, an expert on the subject, wrote a book entitled How to make people do things in posed: there are to scratch people where chop him indicating that pleasing people we can induce them to act as we call it. A very similar stance to the Dale Carnegie in his books and seminars on auto self-improvement and improvement of personality. As well, in the mid 1980s Jack Falvey wrote an article published in the Wall Street Jaurnal under the title of improve productivity, learn how to say thanks that argues that people work for love and money, and writes it in that order first love and money later if the order would have been different we could have said that this short and simple phrase Falvey summed up the ancient and the modern conception of the human resource. The former, the tayloriana, the foremen, sitting on the rewards and punishments because the man was a being motivated solely by economic stimulus. And the modern positioned in the agenda of managers for several decades but taken into consideration seriously after the employees as one of its strengths: fair treatment, respect, man as a motivated by encouragement partners by his human condition. Jack Falvey, however did not have the intention of making a similar to our analysis. Read more here: A. F. Chief of Staff . Why your phrase takes the order that leads: people work from love and money and adds: between us, few apparently get enough of one or the other. There is no great secret of the science of behavior to make a good management.

If high priority is given to the support and compensation for people happy results that exceed the dreams will be. Managers often think of themselves as problem solvers of problems or functional experts or specialist. They lose sight of the practical usefulness of common sense to do that others engage to do things for them willingly.

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