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Dec '18

Concept Culture

The necessary culture to be lined up together with other aspects of the decisions and action of the organization, as planning, organization, direction and control (CHIAVENATO 2005). Thus the organizacional culture is a set of habits and beliefs, established through norms, values, attitudes and expectations shared for all the members of the organization. The culture espelha the mentality that predominates in an organization (CHIAVENATO: 2005). According to Schein, apud CHIAVENATO (2005) exists three different levels of presentation of the Concept of Organizacional Culture, namely: I.Artefatos: They constitute the first level of the culture, most superficial, visible and perceivable. Devices are the concrete things that each one sees, hears and feels when it is come across with an organization. They include the products, services, and the standards, of behavior of the members of an organization. When one covers the offices of an organization, can be noticed as the people if they dress, as they speak, on what they talk, as if they hold, what they are important and excellent for them.

The devices are all the events that can in them indicate appearance auditorily or as it is the culture of the organization. The symbols, histories, the heroes, the mottos, the annual ceremonies are examples of devices. (CHIAVENATO 2005) II.Valores shared: They constitute as the level of the culture. They are the excellent values that if become important for the people and that they define the reasons for which they make what they make. The members function as accepted justifications for all. In many organizacionais cultures the values are created originally by the founders of the organization. (CHIAVENATO 2005) III.Pressuposies basic: They constitute the level closest, deep and occult of the organizacional culture. They are the unconscious beliefs, dominant perceptions, feelings and presuppositions which the people believe. The culture prescribes the way to make the things adopted in the organization, many times through written presuppositions and not even not spoken.

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