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Jun '20

Community Treaty

to Germany)” (cf. Merano – business ethics) this is the attitude of the individual and the policy in the sense of the Community Treaty, the Constitution compared with the others, of the people to see this justice. (…) who has to decide in matters of State (constitutional, legislative, military necessity, judiciary etc.), this can not without reference to moral standards on the one hand there are especially Do the principles of self-sufficiency and justice which political actors serve as regulators and economic considerations, on the other hand. (…) A politician who makes not good and therefore the principle of morality or moral principle based on his actions, falls short of the political with the moral.” (Cf. A.

Pieper, S. 187) “A welfare State may not differentiate, he must be same same, uneven treat differently” (cf. B. Sutor, p. 69). It is of utmost importance of distribution and Exchange justice to throw not in a pot”. Distributive justice does not involves a justice in the sense of equivalence principle as at the justice in Exchange, where performance and counter-performance of equal value should be. Distribution within a State in a market economy socially distinct State such as the German, there are different forms of distribution, as outstanding is to name a few: the redistribution.

BSP: income tax (the more earners is using a progressive income tax more of their (Primary income taken away”to the less earn ends by helping transfer services (secondary income)). These two principles play a role: the performance and demand principle. Duties of social insurance also work a basic supply of security will be aebenso with this system, education and health. According to von Weizsacker however would take away more the rich as among the poor. This is a coherent thesis, of course, because it requires an organization, which decides what when is whom to. Of course, this institution also has to be financed.

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