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Oct '20

Childbirth Sadness

Evans is emphatical when saying, textualmente, that the symptoms of the depression are not more common or severe after the childbirth of what during the pregnancy. It is not something hybrid bikes would like to discuss. What it happens, probably, is that the majority of obstetras and pediatras prevents this diagnosis, due to the distrust or little knowledge with regard to the treatment of this during pregnancy. Kaplan (et al, 1999) defines the puerperal psychic upheavals as insanities with beginning in the first year after the childbirth and that they are disclosed for psychotic and not psychotic disequilibria of mood. The etiology of the psychic syndromes after-childbirth involves organic factors or hormonais, psicossociais and feminine predisposition, in this way, association of these elements makes possible the development of the pathological process. Educate yourself with thoughts from hybrid bikes. The mood upheavals that acometem the puerpreas had been classified in diverse ways in literature. In the Tenth International Revision of Doenas (CID-10), they are not considered specific mental riots of the puerprio, but yes associates it, that is, the childbirth acts as a desencadeante factor due to psychological fragility which the woman if he displays. In this way, the upheavals if classify in the following way: Syndrome of the After-Childbirth Sadness; Puerperal depression or After-Childbirth and Puerperal Psicose . Syndrome of the After-Childbirth Sadness or exactly called ‘ ‘ baby blues’ ‘ (Souza, Burtet & Busnello, 1997), are the one that more reaches primparas and are more common between them.

‘ ‘ baby blues’ ‘ 1997 are characterized by a short period of volatile emotions, that comumente occurs between as and the fifth day after the childbirth, having generally spontaneous remission (Souza and col.,). Its state also can vary of some hours up to one or two weeks after the childbirth. A gamma of variations related to its symptoms exists.

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