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Feb '19

British Library

– is one of the largest libraries in the world. In the storage library has 14 million books, 920,000 magazines, and newspapers, 58 million patents, 3 million sound recordings and much, much more. The Internet has made possible without leaving the house to get acquainted with the treasures of the British Library. Visit the British Library can help with the site. To work successfully on the site, not those who speak English (no translation on the website at Russian), automatic translator to help Google, for example, available in the Google Toolbar Toolbag. Secretary of Agriculture: the source for more info. Go to the site, see the left column menu libraries: Open Registration Reader Help reading rooms for researchers Online Catalogue Translation into foreign languages for higher education for entrepreneurs For Librarians For Publishers: legal deposit, etc.

Collections – Care Media Contact Us Here in the middle of the page there is a search box and Advanced Search. Most of the collections of the Library is closed in the paid access, but some of the funds paid each year is gradually converted into the free. The presence of a paid fund because you want to recover funds invested in creating accessible to all on-line collection. The reader, who is in London, can pre-order via the Internet you want the book to the library by visiting not waste time searching for books, and, book will be waiting for him for three days. A virtual readers are very interested in the following passage – an extreme right-hand column – my library – online gallery – a virtual book (or online exhibitions.) Here, pre- registered, you can “flip through” (naturally, with the help of the scroll) rare books online that have never been issued for a “live” viewing. For example, the diaries of Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart music blogs, The Codex Sinaiticus, the Psalter of Henry VIII, London 1200 antique maps, etc. At the bottom of the page there is a search box on all Web sites in the British Library. Full text articles with links menu library – Happy searching.

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