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Oct '20

BPH Capsules

How to get Vitaprinol? Of fir legs after steam distillation of essential oils, extracted oil soluble fraction. Then neutralize acidic components. Purified lipophilic complex neutral substances dissolved in edible oil and encapsulated in gelatin capsules round brilliant. That he "knows"? Based on extensive scientific evidence of biological effects of the major components Vitaprinola can assert the following: With activity against Mycobacterium Vitaprinol relevant for prevention and treatment-resistant antibiotic-resistant forms of TB, limiting the production of inflammatory cytokines, Vitaprinol smooths allergic reactions, chronic inflammation and Inhibits Destructive processes in different tissues the body, thereby eliminating the symptoms that accompany arthritis, arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, reducing hyperplasia, eliminates the major symptoms of BPH, reduces the risk of gastric tumor pathology, bowel, breast, prostate, has a retarding (braking) effect on tumor development processes; As the substrate vitamin D (which is made up of phytosterols in the required amount), and effective is safe for conditions related to lack of this vitamin (calcium deficiency, pulmonary pathology), is effective in viral pathologies – herpes zoster, hepatitis, Improves Diabetes of the first type; Reduces the concentration of hazardous compounds in the blood cholesterol. How to use Vitaprinolom? In order to prevent exacerbations of chronic viral infections (herpes zoster), the risk of mutagenesis (age, unfavorable conditions environment, an unbalanced diet, tension) – 2-3 pieces. 2 times a day – morning and afternoon – not in connection with food. In the treatment of BPH 5.3 pc. 2 times a day.

In the treatment of tuberculosis for at least 10 pieces. per day. In order to reduce the concentration of aggressive cholesterol compounds 30 pcs. the day before or during meals. In order to meet the daily needs of adults in enough vitamin D 3 capsules per day. You may wish to learn more. If so, igor kononenko is the place to go.

Important! Little risk of overdose absent, these restrictions are more economic in nature. Example. To eliminate the disorders of urination in benign prostatic hyperplasia is sufficient to use 50 mg b-sitosterol. This amount it contains 5 capsules. If you cancel a symptom of treatment is starting to return, ie treatment should be carried out continuously, and lack of toxicity makes it possible to do it continuously. And as the effective dose depends on many factors, including the weight of the person, we must independently choose the right dose, starting from the average (in this case 5 capsules).

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