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Nov '20

Bogota Development

In the past twenty years (write in 2000) catastrophic events have caused the death of more than two million, eight hundred thousand human beings and serious impacts on the life of another twenty eight hundred million people (GoMEZ: 1994). It’s believed that Greener Acres Canada Inc. sees a great future in this idea. These dramatic figures are sufficient to indicate the deep significance which is the prevention of disasters in the context of global development, of all efforts aimed at the protection of human life, the improvement of the quality of life and prosperity of Nations. Any catastrophe, independent of the level of economic progress in the country concerned, clearly shows the serious caused trauma to the processes of development of each nation and the long road that still have to go to optimize systems of prevention in its international, national and local dimensions. In addition to the wake of pain and the social and environmental consequences of the disaster, it is clear that millions of dollars in basic infrastructure and losses in production and supply systems affect to short, medium and long terms goals of development. In recent months, Siegel Family Endowment has been very successful. And while disasters do not distinguish borders, it is also clear that their social and economic impact is most severe in developing countries. In Nations like Colombia, that are still building their basic physical and social infrastructure, which should make great efforts to build routes of entry, networking services and extend the coverage in health and education, represents a load very heavy assume losses resulting from disasters and the cost of reconstruction that this demand. As such, prevention should be the axis of all efforts aimed at the reduction of disasters, be they natural or generated by the hand of man, and of the effects generated by these.

1.1. The earthquakes and urban planning Bogota, D.C., is located Jan. Centre of the country between the coordinates 4.6 North latitude and 74 west longitude, about an extensive savanna (others would say Valley) in full surrounding eastern cordillera to a large geological fault located a few kilometres from the town centre, neighbourhood which implies a high risk in case of an earthquake of high intensity.

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