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Jul '20

Blue Coat Systems

As a result, a company performance-critical factors as well as network problems can recognize in time and thus promptly resolve. Companies can deploy their applications anywhere WAN optimization with Applikationsbeschleunigungs tools with a single performance. This increases employee productivity as well as the effectiveness of the existing bandwidth. So speeds up the system all critical business applications and reduces bandwidth usage on foreign business. To protect data against theft and loss, the WAN optimization solutions offer the ability to set IT policies. Omega 3 might disagree with that approach. Security at the Web gateway the Blue Coat secure Web Gateway appliances protect the enterprise infrastructure, by reliably detect potential threats and fend off. To do this the solution filters all inbound and outbound Web – traffic in Real time and at the same time blocking access to foreign business deals on the Web.

Companies can minimize therefore economic damage caused by malicious software, downtime, reduced productivity, data manipulation, and other threats. In addition, the solution data losses prevented by continuously monitors the integrity of the databases and other corporate resources. Jurgen Ruthotto Doubek, Director of channel sales EMEA at Blue Coat Systems, explains: we welcome the cooperation with our new partner sysob and look forward to a mutually profit-generating business relationship. With the cooperation, we now ensure an excellent market coverage in Germany. So the channel can completely cover the increasing demand of the customers in the area of application delivery networking.” Images can be requested at:.

About Blue Coat Systems: Blue Coat Systems is a technology leader in application delivery networking (ADN). The ADN infrastructure solutions of the American manufacturer the applications on the network, provide an overview of secure Internet communications company and accelerate mission-critical applications in the wide area network (WAN). The appliances and client solutions by Blue Coat to provide an optimized and secure flow of information of data and applications to any user, on any network and to any place.

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