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Dec '18

Belt System

But workouts much better. If the salsa – it's a way to relax, then kapueyra – is self-development, both physical and intellectual. Indeed, in the course of employment, you will constantly explore a variety of Brazilian culture, customs kapueristov and meet many new people. Review of schools in this article is based on my personal experience. Academy Malandros is – the school in which I started (not counting the long and unsuccessful campaign to Axe). Coach – Vladimir Pritykin or Treme Terra, popularly Uncle Vova. Man with kollosalnym experience martial arts: karate, boxing, wrestling.

What I immediately liked it, so it the correct approach to training – education morale, discipline, commitment to strict rules, a clear system of employment. The school taught Kapueyra . In short, a conservative classic style involving a minimum of acrobatic stunts and the maximum adjustment to the real fight. I really like the idea of this style, for example: do not touch the head of the earth, to play close presence of 8 sequences, which are well developed Novice kapuerista. Also, very helpful and rationale commandments Bimba.

Such as: better to fight in the genus than the street. What also inspires respect, Vladimir Pritykin is the founder of her independent school. That is, it faithfully follows the style, who bequeathed kapueristam Mestre Bimba, but at the same time, the academy Malandros not subject to the central office in Brazil, unlike other Kiev schools. What is the essence of this submission, I will explain later in the chapter Belt System in kapueyre.

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