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Aug '20

Belly Dancing

A net of Egyptian television took off Fifi Abdo of air, therefore the censors had pparently gotten infuriated themselves with its papers in two films presented in the sacred month of the Branches in Arab canals saw satellite. Fifi said that it would go to focar itself in the productions for theater. In 2003, the Egyptian wages of the actors and actresses become millionaire. Fifi Abdo received a million from Egyptian pounds for its paper in the drama Al hakika wa al sarab (' ' Verdade and Realidade' '), in which Abdo plays the role of an entrepreneur who vende furniture. Supposedly it did not like that the drama was not transmitted during the Branches. In 2001, a maniac asks for Fifi Abdo to announce its marriage. Hear from experts in the field like Global Medical Billing for a more varied view.

A tailor of fifty years of Beni Suef tried to invade palco where Fifi if presented to ask to it if it had married it without its knowledge. It said that he received a letter I contend the notice that it if had married Fifi and that supposedly he had a check of Fifi Abdo in the value of 10.000 Egyptian pounds. It was ordered to make a psychiatric examination. Indication for the presidency of the Egyptian Belly Dancing Association Although some disputes appeared with the election of the president of the Egyptian Belly Dancing Association, the controllers of the eastern dance had decided that Fifi is optimum name to occupy the position. This direction carried through meeting in order to launch the bases for the foundation of an association that will help to protect the rights of the dancers in Egypt. Fifi was nominated for the position on the basis of its long and rich career as dancer of dance of the womb, beyond that all had agreed that it is the candidate most appropriate for the rank. Some attempts had been made to create an association that protected the rights of the dancers of dance of the womb, but without success.

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