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May '13

Bavaria – Land Of Digital Technology, And Beer

To the east of the Black Forest, for the Swabian Alps mountain range is one of the largest states in Germany – Bavaria. Separated by mountains from the industrial areas, Bavaria has remained independent, an independent kingdom until 1918 Center Bavaria – Danube valley – rich black soil, completely plowed and sown with wheat, barley. But especially large plantations of hops, used to make the famous Bavarian beer. Breweries have almost all urban land. Now Bavaria – an important industrial center of Germany. In Munich there are aircraft plants Concern 'Messerschmitt-Belkov-Blom. " Here, let the tanks and engines for them and for the aircraft. Many companies digital technology, including companies 'Siemens' and 'Grundig'.

In Bavaria, had built the first in Germany, nuclear power plants. One of the most interesting cities in Bavaria is Munich. It is called the capital of beer – probably because it is particularly well. The city, founded in 1158, grew up around a small monastery. It is no coincidence therefore depicts the coat of arms of Munich monk. And the name of the city comes from the German word 'monch' – a monk. Over 750 years remained the center of Munich Catholic clergy and the royal residence, so there is no built factories.

But here come the artists, musicians, architects and scientists. It worked composers Mozart and Strauss, the famous artist Durer, Scientists Ohm, X-rays. In Munich there are a large Bavarian National Library, Germany's largest university, the museums, where a rich collection of sculptures and paintings. Second largest city in Bavaria – Nuremberg. He has long been known for its artisans. It made jewelry from gold and silver, and velvet fabrics. Local watchmakers have created the first pocket watch, which in the past century been a symbol of respectability and prosperity. Of Nuremberg, the whole of Europe received the compasses and measuring devices. City, who grew up on a poor sandy soil, including peat bogs, due to their masters became the embodiment of wealth and prosperity.

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