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Dec '12

Atlantic Ocean

As well as searching the deepening of the relations with the neighborhood of close or of far, as Senegal or Latin America or Turkey, thus strengthening in last analysis the strategical one of the country. Therefore and with flexibility when dealing with social structures> cultural of the strategical countries. The reading of the international reality discloses in a future next a species to return of the Polar regions American and European, compelling the Department of state of Morocco to work on project more ambitious than they answer to the new challenges. The orientaes disclose that some deep changes can occur in level of the central paper of the North of Africa in terms of international relations. What if it can also wait of the external politics of Morocco, going deep a reflection on the historical paper of Morocco and the relations between North of eurpoa and south of Africa. On with the concept of being able strategical of segurnaa public and functional as a game of the Ministry of the Foreign affairses Moroccan using it with a way to affirm itself in the geopolitical domain, as well as through the creation of a new regional organization going until the Red Sea (surrounding that it knows nowadays a fort confornto international object of control), binding it with Atlantic Ocean, such position means to surpass the Union of Arab Magrebe to construct a new regional organization for the countries of the North of Africa where if it can include Egypt, Sudan, Lybian, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritnia and Morocco. The creation of this of collective strategical and regional partnership goes to allow to return a firm position for security protection of the vital interests of all these countries, becoming Morocco as a position of a State of defense of its territorial borders of the Saara for a State of pole in level of the Mediterranean and Africa. Researcher and Professor.

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