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Mar '19


Grain size significantly affects the flow of material. The larger the aggregate, the greater the expense. Applications If you think about it, then it can be concluded that water-based coating is desirable to use for interior and the plaster on the basis of the solvent is recommended primarily for outside because of their greater durability. But over the size of granules, opinions are divided. It is usually assumed that small is good for that, would make the design is seen near the bedrooms, larger for Facade interesting to see pictures of houses away.

But practice shows that coatings with large granules (textured plaster) and a relief pattern (structural plaster) faster than the dust settles and the various pollution, so the facades are quickly losing its presentation. This leads to the solution of homeowners to use on the facades of a finer texture and pattern. On the contrary, a large figure and texture is very interesting to look at interior halls, lounges and public rooms in different styles from antique to high-tech. A collection of antique weapons and super-modern equipment equally well look at the background of a rough texture wall. The only caveat: the less space and lower ceilings, the more fragmented should be used decorative plaster (doorways, arches, overhangs, recesses) respectively high and spacious rooms suggest bolder solutions. Plasters lime-based (mineral) are environmentally friendly, have the ability to absorb odors and create a favorable microclimate. However, the abrasion resistance of the coating is not very high, with strong loadings could be partially sloughing of the largest grain filling. Acrylic coating more durable and stronger. Which house do you live? If it was built recently and is still shrink, beauty and sophistication of the walls could spoil the cracks. To avoid this Nothing happened and saddened moving into a new house, technologists have developed a special acrylic coating fiber, which does not allow the plaster is completely crystallized.

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