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Jun '19

Angeles Cortes

The evening began with a table “hottest” of this ninth edition of the Congress of Digital Journalism Huesca. Jorge Alcalde magazine Quo has moderated a panel with the title always thinking the same thing. What would the Internet if there were no sex In this table have spoken of salimos.com Ignacio Tome, marqueze.net Angeles Cortes and Manuel Lucas, sexologist. The talk is back has to have its share of advertising from sites that have intervened, but it was much richer in content than its predecessor in the last run of the morning. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sonny Perdue by clicking through. Ignacio Tome noted that his page is not strictly sexual contacts, but instead are more focused on the contacts for friends, although they say they are aware of their use on many occasions for sexual purposes.This profile is based on more psychological than physical. Also, Ignacio Tome has assured that “sex on the Internet is a market that seems to have no ceiling. Then took the floor Angeles Cortes, webmistress of marqueze.net. Cortes has not hidden his site is focused on “the pornographic content and sex contacts among people.” It also has ensured that these pages have observed the consumer profile of such websites and ensures that “are married men who seek to comply with sexual fantasies and perversions.” In addition, responsible for marqueze.net has stressed that “we want to respect the market porn like the rest of the market”, arguing that industry is “required by users moving large amounts of money” and that “have been pioneers in the development of different forms of payment and use of new technologies.” Finally, the sexologist Manuel Luke wanted to show those attending the congress’s natural need for sex man and the possibilities provided by Internet to meet this need of the human species.

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